ciao ragazzi sapete come gestire i vocabolari con HS e la dropbox?
nel readme ho questo:

- In hierarchies where items can have multiple parent items and where you have
enabled Hierarchical Select's "save lineage" setting, it is impossible to
remember individual hierarchies, unless the underlying module supports it.
So far, no module supports this. Hierarchical Select is just a form element,
not a system for storing hierarchies.
For example, if you have created a multiple parent vocabulary through the
Taxonomy module, and you have terms like this:
A -> C
A -> D
B -> C
B -> D
If you then save any two lineages in which all four terms exist, all four
lineages will be rendered by Hierarchical Select, because only the four
terms are stored and thus there is no way to recover the originally
selected two lineages.

mi servirebbe che piu termini hanno parents in comune.